What if Trump Resigns?

Look, anything's possible, right? We talk a lot about impeachment, or electoral defeat, or the 25th Amendment (the topic of my first post on this blog). But what about resignation? What are the chances of Donald Trump saying, "I'm tired of this" or "I can see the writing on the wall," and simply walking away?


The Myth of Benign Neglect

Back in the summer of 2016, in a more innocent age, I got an idea to write a post similar to this one. With the defeat of Donald Trump all but assured (Hillary was 10 points up at the time), it was easy to begin to look ahead to what would happen to the Republican party following its wild effort to destroy itself...

Impeachment of a Different Kind?

Let's just jump right into it, shall we? There will be plenty of time to go through my various anxieties about starting this blog, but there is a genuine crisis happening south of the border, so let's get to that first. Why not start off with the most pressing issue of the week: the coming impeachment of President Donald Trump...