Violence and Immorality

Violence and morality have an intertwined, complementary, yet still individually distinct relationship. Donald Trump is wrong when he implies the former governs the latter.


Looking Across Borders

Trump's proposed legislation concerning legal immigration looks, in some ways, a lot like Canada's system. So why are liberal Americans so opposed to it?

What if Trump Resigns?

Look, anything's possible, right? We talk a lot about impeachment, or electoral defeat, or the 25th Amendment (the topic of my first post on this blog). But what about resignation? What are the chances of Donald Trump saying, "I'm tired of this" or "I can see the writing on the wall," and simply walking away?

What a Mess

The Canadian government announced today the details of its settlement agreement with Omar Khadr. Khadr, born in Toronto, was held in Guantanomo Bay for 10 years after he plead guilty to murder and war crimes in the killing of an American medic, Christopher Speer. Khadr received an official apology and $10.5 million in compensation. There, that's the easy part...

The Myth of Benign Neglect

Back in the summer of 2016, in a more innocent age, I got an idea to write a post similar to this one. With the defeat of Donald Trump all but assured (Hillary was 10 points up at the time), it was easy to begin to look ahead to what would happen to the Republican party following its wild effort to destroy itself...

Master of None

Last week, Canada articulated its new foreign policy framework. On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland discussed Canada's role in a world where the United States is no longer reliable as a global leader. First, she emphasized that Canada had a role to play, something that is only necessary in as self-conscious a state as Canada...

The End of American Leadership

I'm usually skeptical of claims about American decline. For the most part, I think these arguments are overblown or overhyped, and the underlying facts of American dominance remain. The American era, which is arguably approaching its centenary and reshaped the world like none before it, continues relatively unabated...